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Free MACRA training – Additional dates

Hi everyone! With the responses we received from our providers, we scheduled the following webinars. Please be aware we are on western standard time, so, my wonderful readers from the other time zones,  please take that into account. 
Friday            01/06/17       5:30 PM
Saturday       01/07/17       10:00 AM
Monday         01/09/17      8:00 AM
Wednesday    01/11/17      12:00 PM
Friday            01/27/17       5:30 PM
Saturday       01/28/17       10:00 AM
Monday         01/30/17       8:00 AM
Wednesday   02/01/17      12:00 PM
Reserve your spot by calling me at (909) 374-5439 or emailing
You can also call Kelly at (909) 861-1357 or email her at
This is SUPER IMPORTANT and free. And it will fit in your schedule! PLEASE do not let your provider lose lots of money because he didn’t know what he needed to implement in time. See you there. 

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