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Getting Contracted

For most doctors, contracting with insurance companies is a necessary evil. Well, maybe not evil. But is is a giant pain in the neck, and it is necessary. Some doctors hire a company that specializes in contracting, some of them pay their billing service to do it, some doctors give the responsibility to their office managers, and some do it themselves. So, you have options.

However, what I am realizing is that a lot of physicians have an unclear view of the process of becoming contracted and how they will end up getting paid once the contracts are in place. Unlike my normal posts, where I can give you a run through of how everything works on a basic level and then invite you to call or email if you have any specific questions, I am going to have to jump right to the second step. I have encountered too many misconceptions to be able to clear them all up in one post.

What I can do is give anyone who calls or emails a brief run down on contracting with Medicare, Medicaid, PPO insurances, and HMO insurances. I can explain about the CAQH, and alert you to the common pitfalls that people run into when applying for a contract. If you need to know how the payment process is supposed to work once you are contracted, we can go through that as well. I don’t mind taking 15 minutes of my time to help someone else avoid hours and months of losing money. And if you should happen to mention my blog to your doctor friends, we can call it even.

If anyone needs help with actual contracting, call me as well. I’ve worked with a couple of companies that are very good and very professional, and I will be more than happy to pass their names on to you.

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