Pricing and Information

Consulting and Training Fees 

We are available for in-office consulting and training. If you are interested in retaining New Generation Billing for either consulting or training, we will come out and do a free, no-obligation, analysis of your practice, then provide you with a written report of the results. This will help both of us determine if our expertise will be beneficial to your office.  Practices with low collections, problems with organization, or new staff, please give us a call.

Hourly – $100 /hr

Daily Package – $600 /day

Online Classes

We hold basic and advanced billing classes online every other Friday on a variety of topics. The classes are set up to be 30 minutes of instruction followed by a question and answer period. We connect with you through GoToMeeting.

Some of our previous topics have included, Proper Use of Modifiers, Have you had your physical this year? (Getting the most out of your office visit), How to Bill Pap Smears, Updated Psych Codes and How to Use Them, among others.

The Webinars are $30 per person, per class. If you are sending four or more staff members, the price is reduced to $25 per person, per class. The schedule is posted monthly on the blog. We will be rolling out a new online sign up form soon, but for right now, please call (909) 610-9524 to register. Space is limited, reserve your spot now. 

Billing Service Fees

Billing service + eMDs EHR – $500 /month + percentage of collections

Billing service alone – percentage of collections

The percentage we charge will vary by office. Each of our doctors pays a fair percentage based on the insurance make up of the practice, the amount of workers comp and personal injury charges, and the types of services the practice requires. Please call for a quote. We do offer a web-based EHR for our providers who are looking for an all-in-one solution. If you are interested, please call or email to arrange a demonstration.

We look forward to working with you.

New Generation Billing

(909) 610-9524

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