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Public service announcement on immunizations

There is only one immunization ICD10 code now. The code is Z23. The description of the code is “encounter for immunization.” You no longer have to specify what vaccine or whether it is oral or intramuscular in the diagnosis code.

For those of you using keywords to search, I am here to help. For my subscribed readers, sorry if this seems repetitive. When searching for the ICD10 replacement for a specific ICD9, your search engine will pick up the terms from this post and you will be able to find what you need in a way that wouldn’t be available with just the new code.

If you are billing a flu shot, use Z23

If you are billing a pneumo, use Z23

If you are billing Hep A or B, use Z23

If you are billing DTap, TDaP, Tetanus alone, or DT, use Z23

If you are billing polio, MMR, varicella, or Hib, use Z23

If you are billing HPV or meningococcal, use Z23

As always, if you have questions or have suggestions, call (909) 374-5439 or email, or both. 


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Online Class Schedule

If you’ve checked out our pricing and information page, you know we have online classes available for $30 per class. In the past, I was having people call me to get the schedule, but as it turns out, that is really annoying for you guys. You would like to know why I can’t just post it on the blog. You make a very good point. So, here is the schedule for the next three months.

Date                                                                              Topic

February 5th           Billing Blue Cross/Blue Shield out of state plans in CA

February 19th          Common medical terminology and basics of billing

March 4th                 Medical necessity – What it is and why you care about it

March 18th               The global period and modifiers 24, 78, and 79

April 1st                     Reports to manage the health of your practice

April 15th                  Tips and tools for your front desk

Space is limited. Each class has spaces for 10 people so that everyone can get a chance to participate in the question and answer portion of the lesson. Please call (909) 374-2581 to reserve your spot. 

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