About Us

Michelle and Heather

New Generation has been a family owned business since it was founded and we’ve served our community for years. We offer billing and consulting services and help to turn under-producing offices around while increasing revenues.  Up until now, we have relied on telephones and fax machines to help us connect with our providers. But, the world  is modernizing and we are too. We are proud to introduce you to the New Generation Blog; a forum where we can post the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

We have been doing this a really long time (think over a decade) and we have worked with doctors in every specialty. In that time, we have learned, most offices don’t always need to bring in consultants or hire an outside billing service in order to manage the issues that come up. Billers, office managers, and providers just need a little bit of help, or an answer to a specific question. That’s what we’re here for. Our posts will address everything from beginner basics to your stickiest problems. But if you do need those things, we are here for you too.

We are located in La Verne, California, so much of this blog will specifically relate to California laws and insurance rules, but anything we post about Medicare will, of course, apply to all of us. Please look around  (at our older posts too) and if you have any specific questions, send them to us, and we will gladly answer them. If your office needs more than just a little bit of help, or you want more information about our billing and consulting services, please call or email. We’ll come out and analyze your practice for you. For free.

Office phone (909) 610-9524

Email: newgenerationbilling@gmail.com

2 responses to “About Us

  1. Michele

    I have recently started having trouble getting my OV and Cerumen Removals paid. Previously, we would bill the OV with a 25 and then the 69210 with either and RT, LT or 50. But now it is telling me that the OV is a global procedure to the removal. I have different diagnosis for each one. We are using cerumen impaction for the removal and Otitis Media for the OV.
    Is there something that we are doing wrong or missing – anything that has changed recently?
    I really appreciate your blogs – They have been helpful in a few questions we have had but I could not quite find the answer to my above question.
    -Michele Martin

    • The 69210 is a code that is automatically bilateral. You don’t need any modifiers on that unless you like having the additional information in your charge. Also, I would probably use ear pain, otalgia, on the office visit and the cerumen impaction on the 69210. Sorry it took me a little while to get back to you! I am so glad that the information has been helpful.

      Is this for pediatrics? My advice will change a little based on the specialty. Why don’t you email me at newgenerationbilling@gmail.com and I can give you more tailored advice.

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