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Hi guys. ICD10 starts in 10 days. Putting aside the fact that the giant database of diagnosis codes in my head will be useless at that point, too many of our doctors have stalled on getting ready and we are rushing to make sure everything is set up properly.

One of the things I DON’T need to rush to do is make sure my billing system is ready. I use Lytec and my amazing dealer, Advanced Data Management, has spent the last three weeks transitioning everything. I mean, I paid for it, but they called me to get things going. Anyone with Lytec, please call them. (909) 861-1357. Ask for Jo-Ann or Kelly. Here is the website:

I know that I don’t normally do plugs like this, but it is so important that you are all ready. If you end up having to put each of the new DX in manually, you are going to slow down to a CRAWL.And please be aware, if you have an EHR connected to your billing system, the charges are going to have issues coming over if your billing system does not have the ICD10 dx.

Good luck everyone! We are going to need it.

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