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Prospect is not sending EOBs anymore as of 09/01/17

Hello everyone! Just a quick public service announcement. 

Prospect, and all of the IPAs that it administers, will not be sending paper EOBs anymore. The claims and authorizations website doesn’t have them in a way that is easy to get by date, so you need to sign up with your clearinghouse to receive the 835 ERA files. 

Those IPAs include: 


Nuestra Familia



Pomona Valley Medical Group aka PVMG aka ProMed

Upland Medical Group

This DOES NOT include Prospect LA Care because that is administered by MedPoint Management. Because why not. 

I use Office Ally, so, that is the only one I will really be able to help you get enrolled with. Here is the 835 ERA form  that you would need to fax in to get your EOBs electronically. 

If you use a different clearinghouse, call them to get the proper forms. Some of you may have billing systems that handle your claim, eligibility, and ERA set up on your behalf with the clearinghouse. Not a comprehensive list by any means, but if you use Advanced MD, WebEDoctor, or Athena, you need to call your software support people directly, and the sooner the better. 

This is really for my Southern California providers and billing services. Heads up guys. 

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