96372 for Inpatient Injections

This one is quick and short.

I have been getting a lot of email questions about whether or not 96372 can be used for inpatient billing. Here is the exact text of the description of 96372 from the CPT book:

Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug); subcutaneous or intramuscular

The description itself does not specify a location, so I have billed it for many different settings, and I have never had a problem. Here are the notes included with the description

Do not report 96372 for injections given without direct physician or other qualified health care professional supervision. To report, use 99211. Hospitals may report 96372 when the physician or other qualified health care professional is not present.

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2 responses to “96372 for Inpatient Injections

  1. Jazelle

    Is anyone having problems with 96401 w/diagnosis code L50.1? Am I suppose to use 96372 instead. UHC just denied? Thank you. Jazelle,

    • Jazelle, the 96401 is specifically for chemo injections. If the doctor is not doing chemotherapy, you would use the regular intramuscular injection code of 96372.

      How is your doctor treating the idiopathic urticaria?

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