2 responses to “Increase your per patient reimbursement

  1. on the G0436 smoking cessation counseling code does it require a modifier on the G0436 or if the Dr is seeing them for another problem in addition to the Smoking cessation counseling does the 99213 require a modifier? I really enjoy your blog and all of the important info that you give us. Thank you

    • Charlotte,

      I usually throw a 25 on the office visit just to be safe. Also, I have been running into issues with Blue Cross denying these G-codes stating a required modifier is missing, so I have been billing both the office visit AND the G-code with 25 modifiers and that has been working. None of the other insurances want or need that, though. Since I haven’t updated this article to ICD10 yet, the nicotine dependence, uncomplicated ICD10 code is F17.200.

      And thank you so much!

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